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The importance of minerals for body and mind

One of the ways to understand our natural habitat is to divide the earth into four realms: the human kingdom, animal kingdom, plant kingdom and the stone kingdom.

If we start with ourselves, we make up the human kingdom. We humans depend on the other three parts for our survival. First, the animal kingdom. Even if we do not use animals or animal products as food, we still need them. Just think of bees, which are necessary for pollination and thus maintain life.

Both animals and humans depend on the plant kingdom –  all plant life on Earth – to survive. We need plants for the fire and building materials that give us energy and enable us to grow. In addition, there are the vitamins, which humans and animals can produce themselves for a small part. But for the most part, both humans and animals depend on the vitamins formed by plants. The same also applies to the necessary fatty acids, which are essentially created in the plant world, for example in algae. Phytonutrients are a category of essential substances that, as the word phyto implies, are found only in plants and that keep the human body healthy and protect against all kinds of chronic diseases.

And finally, there are the minerals. Minerals come from the rocks of the earth and consist mainly of metals. From the stone kingdom, minerals also end up in the seawater and in the air. Minerals are in the soil and are absorbed and used by plants. From there, animals and humans take in the minerals. Unlike certain vitamins and fatty acids, it is impossible to produce minerals yourself. Our body consists of about 4% minerals. They are necessary for all the processes that keep the body going. They also have a key function to make vitamins effective.

If we ensure that we eat healthy – whether it is entirely plant-based or combined with animal food – then there is nothing wrong, is there? This is what the Nutrition Centre communicates, using the ‘Disc of Five’. But something has been going completely wrong for more than 100 years!




What went wrong?

The fantastic writer, doctor and researcher of truth, the late Dr. Hans Moolenburgh, has described this so well that we would like to quote him from his book Healthy Living in a polluted world.

“From the eighteenth century, some knowledge began to penetrate man. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was discovered that plants used a lot of phosphorus (which is necessary for our bone building), at that time phosphate mining started. Phosphate rocks were pulverized and sprinkled over the fields as fertilizer. When I was young, you still regularly saw the field soil fertilized with spreaders that fanned out cow manure, which mainly consists of digested plant residues: the perfect cycle. But because of the greed of the people, something else happened now: the fertilizer did indeed make the plants grow quickly, but they did not realize that they were growing ‘out of their powers’. The emphasis was only on speed, not on harmonic construction. The plants looked the same

as before, but their mineral content was unbalanced. They became weaker.

Comparison of a study carried out in 1985 with the results of the same study in 1996 by a food laboratory, on the average amount of nutrients in fruit and vegetables.


The soil is depleted

Not only the plants suffered loss, the composition of arable land also changed. The soil bacteria (they make a large part of the minerals in the soil absorbable by humans by binding them to proteins) received the wrong nutrition and lost strength. What happens when something in nature becomes sickly? Then the sick is cleaned up. In the soil, fungi started to displace the bacteria. The weak plants attracted death eaters: the so-called ‘bullies’, who are simply cleaners.

In addition, the consistency of the arable soil changed. It became more solid and less accessible to other large invisible friends of man: the earthworms that see a chance to toss many tons of fertile soil per year in their natural environment, so that the plant remains can be mixed well in the humus and the arable soil is well ventilated with vital oxygen.

What was man’s reaction to all this? Back to natural agriculture? That’s what you thought!

The death eaters were destroyed by highly toxic pesticides, e.g. nicotinoids, which killed all insects, including the useful ones. Every year, 11 million kilos of pesticides are sprayed on our fields (PPM Greenpeace, 30 March 2016).

Due to the weakening of the crops, weeds advanced and the biotechnological company Monsanto, for example, found something on that. It made herbicides (weed killers) with a high degree of toxicity. The worst was called Roundup.

Both the nicotinoids and Roundup are toxic to the nervous system of insects. They are sprayed in such large quantities that even people have a few milligrams of them in the body tissues. This nerve poison is especially dangerous for small children.”


The decline of minerals in the soil is a global problem

In June 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), popularly known as Earth Summit, presented shocking figures on the impoverishment of the soils of all continents on Earth:

Percentages of mineral decline from soil viewed over 100 years, by continent:

  • North America – 85%
  • South America – 76%
  • Asia – 76%
  • Africa – 74%
  • Europe – 72%
  • Australia – 55%


The need to take in additional minerals

Not only have the amounts of minerals and vitamins decreased dramatically over the past 100 years, it also costs our body a lot of nutrients (such as magnesium, zinc, iron and copper) to get rid of all toxins again.


What toxins enter our system unnoticed?

  • The pesticides and herbicides already mentioned,  and other chemical pesticides.
  • Volatile organic compounds: these are rapidly evaporating substances from solvents, e.g. in glue, perfume, paint and formaldehyde (toxic substance used, among other things, as a disinfectant and preservative, and as a fixative for laminate floors and chipboards).
  • All toxic substances in exhaust gases and other air pollution.
  • Every day, new chemicals end up in our environment and also in our water, which are often not even known whether they are safe. The water treatment companies are not getting more and more substances removed. Think  of residues of medicines, the pill and even radioactive substances.
  • Medicines, and also the contraceptive pill, are robbers of vitamins and minerals.
  • Chemicals in vaccinations.
  • E-numbers: although all e-numbers are approved by the EU, many are not harmless. They are widely used in food and in combination with each other and have never been tested for cumulative and long-term effects.
  • All kinds of chemicals in nano form, and microplastics. Microplastics are already found in humans and especially in animals. They pose a major threat to our health. Plasticizers of plastic packaging, etc. are also toxic substances that disrupt all kinds of processes in the body, such as the action of hormones.
  • Remember that alcohol and tobacco are very toxic to our body and it takes a lot of minerals to detoxify.
  •  Pent-up emotions and traumas can also act as emotional poison. The stress this causes robs minerals and vitamins.




What can you think of?

  • Breeding crops, e.g. wheat. Through breeding, wheat is now easier to process and gives soft bread and other pasta. Unfortunately, this has come at the expense of valuable substances, such as silicic acid, which not only gives firmness to the wheat, but also to the human body.
  • Grinding grain, so that we now mostly eat white rice, white pasta and white bread, etc. Almost all valuable substances have completely disappeared, both the vitamins and minerals and the fiber. The digestion of these foods requires extra vitamins and minerals, while they have not been introduced through eating this food.
  • The production of fats, such as margarine and baking and roasting butters. The original fatty acids are processed in such a way that trans fats are created, the real culprits among the fatty acids.
  • Rid dairy products of fat, so that semi-skimmed and low-fat variants are formed. These types of products are still recommended by the Nutrition Center. But did you know that you also lose the fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D and K? And these are just so necessary to properly build the calcium present in the bones.
  • refining sugar and salt. This means, among other things, that they are stripped of their original minerals. When you ingest refined salt and sugar, minerals are extracted from your body to compensate for the loss of the minerals that should originally be present in unprocessed sugar and salt variants.


Summary of scientific research in which mental disorders have been linked to a deficiency or imbalance of minerals and trace elements.


What can he do ourselves?

  • Take extra minerals regularly. This is a long-term investment; it helps you to live longer and more vitally.
  • Eat organic as much as possible. Although the difference between vitamin and mineral levels between organic and non-organic food is sometimes smaller than you might think, at least you do not get pesticides. In addition, it has been conclusively demonstrated that organic food contains more antioxidants.
  • Eat as fully as possible. The less messed with it by the industry, the better.
  • In case of starting complaints or the development of a disease, always go to a specialized store, a therapist or a doctor who will look for the cause.Almost always a  deficiency of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients plays a role and supplementing these should therefore always be part of a treatment. In addition, always go to your doctor. Most regular doctors know a lot about diseases and which medicines can be used for them, but they know very little about nutrition and nutrients. So you need a complementary practitioner for that.
  • Only take medication when it is really necessary and as short as possible.
  • Do a  detoxification course and a detox cure with nano silver at least once a year. And take a look at intermittent fasting, the health trend of the moment.

Why Nano Minerals?

Minerals in the form of elemental nanoparticles have always been part of a fertile soil. These elementary and electrically charged particles were absorbed by the plants and thus also ended up in the human body. Due to the depletion of the soil, these nanoparticles are hardly found anymore.


What exactly are Nano Minerals?

Nano minerals are elementary (unbound) mineral particles, suspended (“floating”) in the purest water. Because they are ultra-small, they have little or no taste and no color and smell. Nano minerals consist exclusively of purified water and the mineral in question. There are no excipients in it. They are already diluted, immediately ready for ingestion or application to the skin.

Nano minerals have a number of great advantages over minerals from other sources, which are often found in capsules and tablets.

  • Fastest working minerals we know.By their elementary, colloidal form with a powerful electromagnetic charge (with an expensive wordZeta potential) and a particle size of between 0.5 and 5 nanometers, nanominerals can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin or oral mucosa. They are therefore not dependent on a well-functioning digestive tract and they arrive at their destination much faster. Nano minerals can give a noticeable result within 1 to 10 minutes.
  • Nano minerals can be ingested as well as applied externally. By external we mean the skin, but also all areas with mucous membranes, such as the mouth and throat, the eyes, and the nose. Nanominerals can also do their job on and along the nails. Both ways are effective, and together they reinforce each other.
  • Nano minerals are 100% pure, they do not contain any excipient. The product consists only of purified water and the mineral in elemental (unbound) form. It is also odourless, colourless and tasteless.
  • Nano minerals are 100% bioavailable. The bioavailability of minerals determines how easily your body can absorb them and therefore how much of them you need to achieve the desired result. Intake of nano minerals is more similar to the form offered when food was still rich in vitamins and minerals. Plants convert elements from the soil through their roots into minerals that are easily absorbed by humans. Because nano minerals are so effective, you need less to achieve the desired result. The products therefore contain much lower amounts of minerals than are usually contained in a tablet. This is more true to nature. A 2013 study found that anemia was eliminated with nano iron at a 10 times lower dose than usual. This result was used by using nanoparticles of 40 nm. There was no constipation and no disruption of the intestinal flora. Something that often happens with iron.Look for the  relevant research in the literature list on this website: ‘Iron nanoparticles’ effectiveness for new anti-anemic preparations development’.
  • Nano minerals are completely safe. Due to their special shape – elementary, colloidal, in the smallest possible size with the highest possible electromagnetic field (high zeta potential) – they are very stable and have a long shelf life. In the body, they find their way to muscles, tissues, organs and brains at lightning speed. Due to their size, they cannot “linger” in tissues and therefore do not stack (with recommended use).
  • Nano minerals increase the stimulus transfer between all cells in general and nerve cells in particular. Minerals promote communication between cells. This means that all body processes depend on minerals for optimal functioning. Nano minerals can penetrate deep into the tissues and also cross the blood-brain barrier so that they can do their work in any desired place. Gold, in particular, promotes stimulus transmission in nerve cells.
  • Nano minerals attract and clean up diseased, dead and affected cells. According to a number of studies, including by Dr. Frederick S. Macy and David Graham, colloidal minerals attract and clean up diseased cells due to their high electromagnetic field. The higher the electromagnetic field, the more effectively they do this. As a result, colloidal minerals contribute to the removal of dead and diseased cells and ensure a faster recovery of tissues. According to this effect, all nanominerals promote overall health in terms of tissue health and repair. Nano minerals are colloidal minerals in their smallest form.
  • Nano minerals, unlike all other minerals, including colloidal minerals, have circular particles and high zeta potential.Zeta potentialis the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds each particle. At the transition of the particle itself and the medium in which the particle is located – in this case water – a certain charge is created by natural processes. This is called the zeta potential. A powerful zeta potential ensures that the particles remain suspended in the water and do not clump together. By means of special production methods, such as the production of circular particles, the natural processes can be influenced in such a way that a high zeta potential is created. The zeta potential is an important indicator of the stability, shelf life and effectiveness of nano minerals. In the body, the zeta potentially gives additional power to silver particles to attract and kill pathogens. Nanominerals in general can also clean up more dead and affected cells at high zeta potential.
  • Nano minerals have a high energy value, or a high vibration frequency. This means that nano minerals make a lot of vibrations per second, or generate a lot of energy, and energy is life. That energy is transferred to surrounding cells through resonance. Nano minerals thus transmit powerful stimuli that “take the body to a higher level”, as it were. Communication between cells and the exchange of substances is improved, which contributes to a better balance and faster recovery from disrupted processes.
  • Nano minerals have healing vibrational frequencies. Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein already knew it and science agrees with them: everything is made up of energy, and that energy vibrates at different frequencies. They are expressed in hertz. Important and well-known vibrational frequencies are the love frequency (528 Hz) and the healing frequency (432 Hz). All great composers, such as Bach and Mozart, used 432 Hz as the basic or fundamental tone for their music. 432 Hz is found everywhere in nature and, according to many ancient wisdoms, would connect us to the cosmos and increase harmony and consciousness. This is in contrast to the 440 Hz used in music today, which can cause tensions in the body. 528 Hz could form the basis of all processes, repair DNA and bring about special transformations. In the production process of nano minerals, these two frequencies are used, so that in each nano mineral the energy of both 432 Hz and 528 Hz is present.
  • Nano minerals contain mono-atomic particles for a spiritual effect. According to researchers such as David Hudson, David Icke and Laurence Gardner, mono-atomic particles of gold and other precious metals would have played an important role in ancient civilizations, especially in the Sumerian and ancient Egyptian civilizations. There the pharaohs would have eaten this mono-atomic gold, which was found in mines in the Sinai desert (the biblical ‘manna’), with miraculous consequences for their contact with the world of gods. They would also have grown very old with it.

Mono-atomic particles are particularly difficult to make. It requires a lot of knowledge and high-quality equipment. The mystical alchemists were already involved in it in ancient times. Nano minerals actually contain some pure mono-atomic particles. The nanoparticles also form clusters of atoms that, due to their special properties, can act as mono-atomic particles. Together with the healing frequencies, they contribute to increasing awareness and spiritual growth.

Nano minerals are the result of knowledge from ancient civilizations and principles from nature, which have been used to create high-quality supplements that work incredibly effectively and are completely pure.